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The Top 5 Pieces of Content Your Franchise Needs to Create and Why

As franchisors, your main objective with marketing videos should be to make them memorable. When striving for new, creative videos to drive leads, we recommend creating five pieces of content to let your brand’s personality shine– brand videography, video testimonials, franchisee spotlight videos, outtake reels and short-form content.

While all of this content should live in various places, it’s important to note that it should first and foremost live on your website. However, it’s equally as important for video content to live in places where your leads are— email campaigns, email signatures, social media, other marketing materials and even screen-shares during sales calls. A HubSpot study showed that 52% of B2B buyers expect video content in the business sales cycle. Not to mention, websites with video have 1200% more shares than text-only-based websites. These statistics exemplify video content’s ability to drive leads and business development goals.

Let’s dive into the five most essential pieces of content you should create and why they’re important.

​#1 Brand Videography

One of the essential components of brand content, especially relevant in today’s rapidly advancing digital age, is brand videography. These types of videos allow you to visually display exactly who you are, what you stand for and where your business is headed. Start by creating a video about your franchise and display this on the “Who We Are” page.

At Franchise Filming, our goal is to tell a story that will help turn your prospects into franchisees.

One of our loyal clients, Joe Malmuth, Director of Franchise Development for Batteries Plus, explained, “The way Franchise Filming tells stories gives people a mirror where they can see themselves in that world and then have the confidence to make that decision.”

#2 Video Testimonials

The second most important piece of content you should create is video testimonials. Video testimonials leverage the validation from others, not just your brand itself. These types of video testimonials are essentially franchise reviews. Our video testimonials are interactive because they allow prospects to form a personal or emotional connection with the franchise.

An added benefit of video testimonials is, they give you the ability to have complete control over which reviews you’d like to showcase. They’ll give you full control of the narrative by tailoring positive questions to ask in your testimonial review. Positive questions often form positive answers. Let us take the wheel and drive with these approaches to tell your story and build trust with your prospects.

#3 Franchisee Spotlight Videos

The third most important piece of content to create are franchisee spotlight videos. Here are some of the questions answered during spotlight videos that drive user engagement and franchise brand awareness:

  • What do franchisees love about working for your brand and why?
  • What gets them excited and lights up their day at work?
  • What ignites their passion for creativity?
  • What is their favorite thing about being a franchisee?

Your prospects are interested in all aspects of the franchise, and franchisee spotlight videos give them an inside look at what it’s like.

#4 Outtake Reels— Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Just like in the movies, everyone loves the bloopers at the end of the credits. Bloopers give your prospects a behind-the-scenes look into how the story was adapted and shows the fun that went into creating the film. Outtake reels are a great way to repurpose video content to personalize your brand and connect with prospects.

  • Reduce: When we film your brand overview video during pre-production, we capture everything. Because of this, we always keep the unused video clips that may not have been used during post-production and video editing. Keeping the extra footage reduces the need to schedule additional video shoots because we can create new videos with unused content.
  • Reuse: We always hold onto unused captured footage for additional video content in the future that can then be reused on various platforms or used for other projects.
  • Recycle: We like to get creative with video editing and recycle the unused film by producing an outtake reel. These can often showcase your brand’s personality. These clips can let prospects get a feel of the fun and creativity behind the scenes, leaving them laughing or having a personal connection to the video.

#5 Short-Form Content

The fifth piece of content you should create is short-form content. As social media dominates the world with visual experiences, the average human attention span is shrinking by 88% each year, Forbes noted, according to a Microsoft study. The human average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds as of 2021.

Short-form content videos give brands more leeway to create compelling, relatable videos that get right to the point and are time efficient compared to longer-length videos. Appealing to your prospect’s emotions in a shorter time can be more of a challenge, yet highly advantageous when you can create it the right way.

Each of these content pieces is designed to help your prospects make a decision. At Franchise Filming, we can capture your success stories on film and ultimately help you drive franchise leads. Providing you with brand videos that capture your story is what we do. Interested in learning more? ​Schedule a call today!

About Franchise Filming 

Founded by serial entrepreneur Trevor Rappleye, Franchise Filming is a leading, full-service video production provider that helps franchisors and suppliers across the country drive leads and win more clients with monthly videos via a VIP membership model. The Franchise Filming membership provides a world-class customer service experience with professional videos every month that will drive sales without corporate video production hassles – no travel costs or extra fees, with final videos completed in just five to ten days. Whether companies are seeking to raise awareness or drive more sales, Franchise Filming provides a creative, high-quality solution by creating memorable and engaging videos that inspire people to take action and drive sales.

Complimentary Growth Strategy Call

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your company’s growth strategy through video! We’ll bring the coffee….over Zoom!


Complimentary Growth Strategy Call

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your company’s growth strategy through video! We’ll bring the coffee….over Zoom!

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