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FranchiseFilming takes center stage at the HEAT Franchise Summit
September 25, 2020

Who are you, really?

That’s a pretty profound question, isn’t it? Attendees of the HEAT Franchise Summit would certainly agree!

Trevor Rappleye, CEO and founder of FranchiseFilming, hosted not one…not two…but THREE different roundtable discussions at HEAT Franchise Summit’s first virtual conference. The content varied from panelist to panelist, but Trevor proved true that attendees would find the most value in learning more about his main passion: helping franchisors win more successful franchisees by way of video.

Of the three roundtable sessions, one in particular drove the highest engagement and interest: “Who are you, really? Why humanizing your staff on video drives sales”.

For Trevor and his team at FranchiseFilming, the answer to most questions their clients have is simple and tailored around a single concept: authentic storytelling to increase sales.


“Why should I humanize my staff on video?”

The answer is actually quite easy. And what better way to illustrate this than by sharing a quote from Trevor himself:

“By humanizing your staff and showing the positive outcomes of buying into your franchise, not only do you shorten your overall sales cycle, you’re able to close more deals, too.”

Trevor Rappleye - HEAT Summit

According to, putting your staff in the spotlight proves that there are actual, real-life humans working behind the scenes. This paves the way for prospects to connect with your franchise brand on a much deeper level. And as a result, you, too, will deepen the conversation, allowing you the opportunity to close more sales because they know WHO it is they’re working with.

Put your franchise sales on autopilot

In a highly complex world, our approach to sustainable franchise growth is easy. With over 4,000 franchise brands, we hope you ask yourself this question: “what should I do to stand out from the competition?”

The answer is simple: capture authentic stories and share them with the world!

By documenting REAL stories – failures, hardships, successes and lessons learned – your prospects and customers are automatically more inclined to sympathize with YOU, the franchise brand they’re interacting with. 

Meaningful conversations = meaningful connections = meaningful sales.

If you’re interested in learning why a need exists for franchise promotional videos, click here to read more.

You can also schedule a call right now so we can begin strategizing on the ideal plan for your business!

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Trevor Rappleye - HEAT Summit
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