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The Perfect Content Funnel in Video Marketing: Winning Prospective Franchisees

Hey there,  franchisors and franchise development teams! We get it—today’s franchise market is a battleground, and you’re trying to sell more franchises. Have you considered using a method that has worked for 80% of franchise businesses in the USA? Yes, we’re talking about video marketing, the game-changer you didn’t know you needed.


Data from a recent Franchise IQ survey is illuminating: a staggering 87% of respondents highlighted the significance of video—testimonials, in particular—in their choice to invest in a franchise.

Why? Because videos don’t just inform; they captivate and persuade.



Videos undeniably serve as formidable mediums to relay information and foster connections with potential franchisees. Given that individuals spend nearly a third of their online activity watching videos, it’s essential to understand the ideal video content to roll out at every point. Here’s a breakdown of the perfect content funnel in Video Marketing:


Top of the Funnel: Be open, Be Human

Kick things off by letting people in on what makes your brand tick. How about a heart-to-heart chat featuring your CEO or the genius who started it all? Such videos peel back the curtain, offering a sneak peek into the minds guiding your brand. And hey, a success story or two from your thriving franchisees wouldn’t hurt. Address the questions swirling in the minds of your prospects to strike a real connection, setting the stage for a long-lasting relationship that focuses on the value that your franchise provides for franchisees. 


Middle of the Funnel: Building Trust

This is where you build trust. It’s where you get your future franchisees to lean in and listen. Four out of five people will trust a total internet stranger over a brand or even listen to the brand’s leadership. Yes, real video testimonials are your golden tickets. Give a peek into the perspective of “a day in the life” of a franchisee; videos capturing “a day in the life” provide prospects with a relatable, aspirational window. While it’s good to be brief, focus on the storytelling. While showcasing the professional aspect of your franchise, but don’t forget the personal touch—explore options that prove unity of your franchisees, tell stories of support, family moments and togetherness. This approach can really enrich the narrative.



Bottom of the Funnel: Sealing the Deal


Videos ramp up your landing page leads by 80% and can triple your email click-through rates! 

So, as you near the finish line, it’s time to rev up the excitement for discovery day—that electric moment when candidates decide to join your franchise family. These videos can deep-dive into operational specifics, employing dynamic, interlinked scene cuts for engagement. Above all, the overarching theme should be instant belongingness. Think of a brisk, impactful reel spotlighting the cohesive corporate team. Culminate with an emotive montage underscoring the welcoming franchise family. After all, potential franchisees aren’t merely investing in a business model—they’re integrating into a community vested in their success, “Welcome to the family!” Because let’s face it, you’re not just offering a business model; you’re extending an invitation to a community rooting for their success. Build excitement for the pivotal discovery day—the juncture where candidates opt to be part of your franchise narrative.


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