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Storyteller Spotlight – Roxana Mendez, Production Coordinator

What does a typical day at FranchiseFilming look like for you?

I actually started working as a production coordinator in November. It was during the pandemic, so I never got the chance to work in person with the team. I got to meet everyone through zoom, and that is how we have interacted ever since. Typically, I do my morning workout and eat breakfast before starting work. Once I am ready I go into my office and get things done. I usually book zoom calls for Javier and prepare things for future projects. A lot of excel sheets and zoom calls are done in order to prepare for productions. It is a lot of admin work, but I really enjoy it.

What do you like most about working with FranchiseFilming? 

I really love the environment. Although I have not met many of them personally, they all have been really friendly and helpful. We all just clicked and have worked really well together. They have taken the time to teach me how things are done in their team, without throwing me into something I am not ready for. Trevor is a really great boss. He really takes the time to get to know you and looks out for his team. He invests in his team’s development and growth. Overall, it is a great company that anyone would be lucky to work in.

We call ourselves “Passionate Storytellers” here at FranchiseFilming – What does that topic mean to you? How important is story in marketing? 

I believe being passionate means loving every step of the process when it comes to projects.

What have been your favorite projects with CorporateFilming and FranchiseFilming?

My first project recently was with V-Tech for their baby monitor. I got to work on the beginning stages, finding shooting locations, hiring actors and buying props. It was really awesome to see how it developed from zoom calls and excel sheets to filming on location with everyone involved. I got to meet more of the team and it was great meeting people in person that I had only seen through zoom.


What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work? What makes you unique?

I love traveling local and abroad. I have been to Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica. I want to go to Europe next, since I usually stick to Central America. I love being spontaneous and going on roadtrips and going to new places. I also enjoy bike riding at the beach. I love going for strolls in downtown Long Beach. I go on a lot of walks there and it never gets old! I enjoy the outdoors, but I l also like staying in and watching my favorite shows on Netflix. I recently got into gardening with my husband, it’s a new hobby that I find therapeutic and rewarding. I get to start with a small plant and help it grow and bloom into something even more beautiful. We are beginners, but I am learning a lot along the process.

Customer experience and service is our top core value here at FranchiseFilming – why is that so important? 

It is important because it is what sets us apart from other companies. Being more personal and developing a relationship with them will create a connection that will keep them coming back to us for more projects. Taking the time to get to know someone and their business goes a long way.

One final question. If you could give any video marketing advice  – what would it be?

Create something that will resonate with people, something with a story that goes beyond the product. Make a video with more of a lifestyle vibe to it to captivate your target audience.

Tell us a corny joke…Go!

Why did the photo go to jail?
Because it was framed.

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