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Storyteller Spotlight – Jonathan Navales, Corporate Editor

What does a typical day at CorporateFilming look like for you?

A typical day at Corporate Filming starts with the daily huddle. It’s a great way to touch base with the rest of the team, and really feel like belonging to a team. I get my assignments from Autumn, that might include joining a quick call with the client to establish end marketing goals, and then I spend the rest of the day cutting and editing stories.

What do you like most about working with CorporateFilming? 

What I like most about working with Corporate Filming is the sheer variety of the types of films we create. We make so many different kinds of films for so many different types of clients. Everyday is a different story, a new perspective. I also like the opportunities of promotion within the company. I was given an opportunity to write a couple stories for videos that needed a more fleshed out narrative and I love that the company was responsive to my interest and enthusiasm.

We call ourselves “Passionate Storytellers” here at CorporateFilming – What does that topic mean to you? How important is story in marketing? 

Passionate storytellers means: people who care. We are passionate storytellers because we care about the films we’re putting out. We care about the client’s input. We care about the message and branding that we’re making. Story is important in marketing because it’s really the only difference other than value. People want to connect to an idea/ a feeling. People care about connections. Story is how to “make the connections”. We make connections.

What have been your favorite projects with CorporateFilming and FranchiseFilming?

Some of my favorite projects have been the fun videos I’ve been able to create with OneLogin, as well as the projects I’ve been able to write for.


What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work? What makes you unique?

My problem is I collect too many hobbies. I’m eternally curious and want to do a bit of everything.  I read a lot, I play guitar, I’m a huge film nerd, I’m a huge theater nerd, I’m a massive horror movie fan. I collect typewriters, records, vintage cameras, and backpacks. I like to shoot short films and music videos. I spend hours watching film and youtube videos and social media because I like to stay on top of what’s current and interesting.

Customer experience and service is our top core value here at CorporateFilming – why is that so important? 

Customer experience is a core value because it’s a literal reflection of us as a company and as people. We strive to be kind and honest and prompt and instinctive because as a team, we really are. We are the best film production company in this space and our customer experience reflects that.

One final question. If you could give any video marketing advice  – what would it be?

If everyone is moving forward and you’re standing still, you’re not just standing still, you’re actively moving backward. What I mean is: You must stay active and current and follow the trends. Even deeper level to that is: Make a tiktok, and make a serious effort to generate content. Seriously.

Tell us a corny joke…Go!

I have lots of cheesy jokes but my friends hate them. They’re all laugh-tose intolerant.

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