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Storyteller Spotlight – Autumn Kinloch, Head of Post Production
October 30, 2020

What does a typical day at CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming look like for you?

A typical day for me is spent checking emails, watching back the amazing work of our editing team, and sending our clients their beautiful promotional films.

What do you like most about working with CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming?

Since I am the main liaison between our clients and our editors, what I love most about working at CorporateFilming is interacting with our clients. We work in a job where we learn about so many different industries and interacting with clients that work in a totally different industry than myself is a lot of fun. I also absolutely love the team I work with in the office and our contractors at home. I work with some of the most talented people in the industry and they make me want to better myself everyday.

How long have you been filming or editing? When did it start? 

I have been editing since I was thirteen but professionally for around 6 years. I started in the wedding industry straight out of college and moved my way into the corporate world.

We call ourselves “Passionate Storytellers” here at CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming. What does that topic mean to you? How important is story in marketing? 

Editing is all about the story. It is the reason I got into post production. I have always said editing is like a puzzle where the video clips are your pieces. There are thousands of ways to put together that puzzle and every editor will put together the puzzle differently. But each one tells a unique story. It is so rewarding to take a bunch of random clips and create a story out of it. To have the ability to bring emotion to people just from putting clips next to one another on a timeline, is something I do not take for granted. Storytelling in marketing is important because it connects people to what you are selling. If you connect them emotionally to the product, they are more likely to purchase it.

What have been your favorite projects with CorporateFilming and FranchiseFilming?

My favorite project has been Shopkick. Because I helped come up with the concepts and was there on set, I felt more connected to this one while editing than any other project. Getting to work with actors and be on set was a lot of fun for me.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work? What makes you unique? 

I am a huge fan of escape rooms. Just not the scary ones because I can be a bit of a chicken in those haha. I also love sharks. My number one bucket list item is to swim with Great Whites.

Customer experience and service is our top core value here at CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming. Why is that so important? 

Customer service is incredibly important in any industry because without customers, we would not have a business.

One final question. If you could give any video marketing advice…what would it be?   

My piece of advice would be when using video for marketing, connect your customers to your product emotionally.

Tell us a corny joke…Go!

How does a hammerhead shark tell his mom he passed his test? Nailed it!

Here are the top 2 projects Autumn has worked on:

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