Customer Success Stories – This Could Be You!

It Was Essential For Rainbow & Neighborly To Showcase Their Customers

The Problem: Rainbow did not have the time, resources or schedule to get their happy customers on film- and they know they needed it to drive consumer sales.

The Solution:

Hiring CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming to film their customers across two different states, handle everything and turn the videos around in just 10 days.

Social proof is the best form of marketing out there – TrustPulsesays that 88% of buyers are influenced by customer reviews. Rainbow knows that by having their happy customers on film – they will close more customers and grow their brand.

Working with the FranchiseFilming team has been a pleasure. They were able to help us produce powerful testimonial video content featuring real-life success stories from our Neighborly franchise owners, despite challenges most production companies have faced during this pandemic. It was a quick and simple process.

Debbie Adams

Director, Franchise Development Marketing, Neighborly

It was essential for Rainbow & Neighborly to showcase their level of support. 

That’s what they loved about the FranchiseFilming & CorporateFilming team, they loved how we do not use scripts and they love how we highlight the life of the company. We believe that creating emotional videos is the key to drive your sales. Harvard said that 95% of consumers buy based on feeling not on actual facts.  

These videos will be used on their websites and their sales funnels.

We want to thank Rainbow Restoration and Neighborly for allowing us to tell their stories – we love telling stories!



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