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Mark Jameson
Mark Jameson
Propelled Brands
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“Your videos have absolutely helped us close deals”
Taylor Gregory
Taylor Gregory
United Franchise Group
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“You filmed for 3 of our brands in 3 states - it was seamless… and the turnaround time was so fast”
Scott Binger
Scott Binger
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“You saved our internal creative team over 600 hours alone”

Get on-demand national filming & fast editing for one flat annual rate - with no hidden charges.

Our storytellers help you publish more videos to grow your franchise. Book a call now to see how we can help you!

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    Luke Schulte

    Executive Director of Franchise Development at Handyman Connection

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    Mark Jameson

    Chief Support & Development Officer at Propelled Brands

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    Taylor Gregory

    Director of Marketing at United FranchiseGroup

    You’re just 3 easy steps away

    from never having to micromanage another film crew again - and becoming a moviestar at your office.

    Choose a transparent, national done for your package

    Join FranchiseFilming - we simply meet once a month for strategy and we handle the rest.

    We film anywhere, with no travel fees

    While you are tackling fires at work, we are scheduling and filming the videos your brand needs. All while freeing up your time.

    We edit the videos in just 5-10 days

    Share your feedback - and we’re onto the next one. Welcome to a sanity-free partnership.

    What’s included in this VIP Membership Model?

    Save on all the hidden costs

    Explore where the most inspiring testimonials and stories lie, alongside your franchisees and customers – and the best part? Travel expenses won't cost you a dime, anywhere in the U.S, Mexico, or Canada!

    Value: $897 per month

    Time Saved: 12 hours per month

    Your own dedicated producer

    We've got a franchise-obsessed producer ready to take charge of scheduling all your filming needs nationally, relieving you of the pain and stress, so put away the Advil - we've got it from here (we’ll even talk directly to your customers & franchisees!)

    Value: $1650 per month

    Time Saved: 6 hours per month

    Your own dedicated editor & videographer

    Our story-obsessed editors and cinematographers will replace random freelancers and internal, long delays of your overworked creative staff – we'll deliver in just 5-10 days (with plenty of coffee)! ☕🎬

    Value: $4200 per month

    Time Saved: 33 hours