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“Our franchise leads have exploded since we started using FranchiseFilming…and our time to close was cut in half based on the content we provide to candidates at every step of the process.”

~ Jon Sica, Chief Development Officer

"They had made our lives easier. They help us coordinate national filming needs from start to finish - and took that burden away from us."

~ Jennifer Herskind, Chief Marketing Officer

Their videos helped me close a $100,000 deal in the first month after showing their videos to a big lead. Highly recommend them.

~ Eric Hauser, Brand President

FranchiseFilming VIP Membership

  • Monthly Marketing Videos On Auto-Pilot
  • No U.S. Travel Fees – Really, None!
  • Highest in Editing Queue – Videos Done In Just 5-10 Days
  • Just Tell Us Who to Film, We Schedule, Concept & Handle the Rest!
  • Only 30 Minutes Of Your Time Each Month
  • Free Voiceover and Concept Creation
  • No Scripts – We Capture Authentic & Emotional Real Stories
  • Consistent Edits Every Week or Month to Drive Sales
  • Years of Franchise Knowledge
  • Over 500,000 Hours of Filming Experience
  • Monthly Strategy Check-In
  • Free Subtitles
  • Free Blooper Reel
  • Free Corny Jokes & Virtual Dance Parties
  • Client Outings & Virtual Game Nights
  • Long Term Partnership Driven

The other "videographers"

  • Create just 1 “okay” video and it takes 3-4 months to receive it
  • Travel fees and hidden charges
  • Delay in communication + no direction
  • No Franchise Experience
  • You have to write, concept and schedule the day
  • Uses Up 10+ hours of your time each filming

Ready to beat out the other 4,200 franchise brands?

We’ve made it easy with our video production VIP Membership plans.

By removing the need to hire an internal videographer and pay travel, hotel, food, workers compensation, and equipment fees you’ll save money, lots of it.

We’ll connect on a monthly basis to review where filming is taking place, where current edits are at and what is completed.

We build a completely custom system to capture your story, staff, and customers on video, driving sales, all for one annual price (billed quarterly). With no extra fees.

Your new videos uncover the story about how awesome the lives of your customers will be when they invest in your opportunity.

You can relax knowing we are handling every aspect of the process, allowing you to focus on other marketing directives and tasks.

It's As Easy As 1, 2 & Done - Month After Month

You can now check “video marketing & production” off your list, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

1. Pick a Package

Choose the number of videos you need monthly, we’ll adjust the type according to your desires and marketing plan.

2. We Schedule & Film

You tell us where to go… anywhere in the United States. Anywhere. We craft a plan and we get right to work.

3. Scale Your Franchise

Get stoked! In 10 days or less your videos will begin to be delivered. And like clockwork, they just keep coming.

Your new video and film series starts with your
complimentary 30-minute video call.

On this call, we will:

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