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Franchise Masters: Trevor Rappleye’s Successful Approach To Video Marketing.

Franchise Masters Video Series
Franchise Masters Video Series

Amid the buzz of emerging business models, one name stands out with a promise to redefine franchise development: Trevor Rappleye. As the CEO of FranchiseFilming, Rappleye is not just a visionary; he’s a game-changer in the world of franchising. His recent contribution to the #FranchiseMasters video series, co-presented with Netsertive, is set to transform the way franchises attract investors and expand their footprint.


In this video series, he discusses the importance of leveraging storytelling in franchise development videos and how they can potentially halve your franchise sales cycle. Through the Franchise Masters video series, he also shares definable tips that promise to accelerate the sales process by an impressive 50%, enabling brands to sell locations faster than ever before.


But how does one triple Franschise sales? Rappleye’s secret lies in a customized video content funnel tailored to resonate with your brand’s unique narrative. The series delves into the psychology behind storytelling, illuminating how it drives a staggering 95% of subconscious decisions in potential franchisees.


You’ll learn:

    • Definable tips to shorten your franchise sales cycle by 50% to sell locations faster
    • Secrets to 3x your discovery day attendance with the video content funnel customized for your brand
    • How & why storytelling drives 95% of subconscious decisions
    • How to finally be the superstar brand every franchise candidate wants to be a part of because of how you told stories and inspired people



FranchiseFilming, under Rappleye’s leadership, stands ready to back franchises in this journey. With a blend of expertise and innovation, they’re not just offering services; they’re offering a partnership in growth. And yes, there’s even coffee involved to keep the discussions lively and ideas flowing.


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