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Franchise Filming Hones in on Custom Franchisee Success Story Videos as Franchisor-Clients See Spikes in Lead Gen

Long Beach, Calif. – Corporate Filming and Franchise Filming, leading, full-service video production providers that help tell authentic stories using a VIP subscription model of monthly videos, is on a mission to help franchisors drive franchisee leads in the post-COVID era. After a remarkable first half of the year, the company as grown its client base by 900% as franchisor clients see value in video marketing to grow their systems. 

The pandemic has greatly impacted the franchise sales process and prospective franchisees now crave and demand humility, authenticity, and vulnerability from franchisors in order to help inform their decision making. Video provides the perfect platform to help humanize franchise brands by highlighting successful franchisees in the system; telling their authentic stories. By allowing emotion into the franchise sales strategy, prospects are able to connect with the brand, visualize what it would mean to become a franchisee, and validate their decision to inquire about the franchise opportunity. Franchisors that recognize this and lean into the opportunity are finding proven results with increased leads, engagement, and revenue.

“The set of marketing videos was exactly what we wanted,” said Joe Malmuth, V.P., Franchise Dev, Batteries Plus. “We are so happy with the VIP subscription model and how simple the process was. Franchise Filming knocked it out of the park and 100%, without question, is helping us drive more leads and award more locations with our franchisee success videos and discovery day videos – we could not be more pleased with our decision.”
Franchise Filming has gained a reputation for incredible, strategic storytelling in video form. In recent months, Franchise Filming has signed on XX new large clients, growing its roster to include reputable names such as Neighborly, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Go Mini’s, and CVS Health among others. Through its subscription-based model, Franchise Filming gives internal marketing team’s their time back – handling everything from start to finish including the development of a complete custom strategy to capture stories, coordination, filming, editing, and final product. 
For more information on Corporate Filming and Franchise Filming, please visit and or call at 888-389-3456.

About Franchise Filming 

Founded by serial entrepreneur Trevor Rappleye, Franchise Filming is a leading, full-service video production provider that helps franchisors and suppliers across the country drive leads and win more clients with monthly videos via a VIP membership model. The Franchise Filming membership provides a world-class customer service experience with professional videos every month that will drive sales without corporate video production hassles – no travel costs or extra fees, with final videos completed in just five to ten days. Whether companies are seeking to raise awareness or drive more sales, Franchise Filming provides a creative, high-quality solution by creating memorable and engaging videos that inspire people to take action and drive sales. For more information, please visit

Complimentary Growth Strategy Call

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your company’s growth strategy through video! We’ll bring the coffee….over Zoom!


Complimentary Growth Strategy Call

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your company’s growth strategy through video! We’ll bring the coffee….over Zoom!

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