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“Our franchise leads have exploded since we started using FranchiseFilming…and our time to close was cut in half based on the content we provide to candidates at every step of the process.”
~ Jon Sica, Chief Development Officer at Batteries Plus Bulbs

Franconnect uses Franchise Filming for the video marketing
Franconnect uses Franchise Filming for the video marketing
vtech uses Franchise Filming for video marketing
IFA uses Franchise Filming for the video marketing
Glory Days uses Franchise Filming for video marketing
vtech uses Franchise Filming for video marketing
SOLINK uses Franchise Filming for the video marketing
GoMini's uses Franchise Filming for their video marketing
GoMini's uses Franchise Filming for their video marketing

“You guys nailed it… It was exactly what I wanted.”
Joe Malmuth, Director, Franchise Development

  • Who: Batteries Plus Bulbs
  • Location: Hartland, Wisconsin
  • Their Challenge: Franchisees are everywhere – Batteries Plus Bulbs didn’t know how to capture them without hiring a videographer in each state, waiting months for edits, being overcharged – So they just didn’t do it.
  • What We Did: Our VIP Subscription Model allows us to travel the nation, without any travel fees, to capture their success stories on film to drive Franchise development sales – Plus, all the videos look the same and there is one POC!
  • The Result: Batteries Plus Bulbs receives 15+ high-quality videos a year for recruitment, franchise development and to help with discovery days.

“Franchise development is about emotion…and you all really captured that…and scheduled the whole thing! It is translating into results for sure – and we will continue to use your service!”​
Mark Jameson, Chief Development Officer – Propelled Brands

  • Who: Fast Signs + Propelled Brands​
  • Locations: Las Vegas, NV; Richmond, VA; Tuscaloosa, AL; Schaumburg, IL; Fort Worth, TX; Kankakee, IL
  • Their Challenge: Franchisees are everywhere – Propelled Brands didn’t have the resources to capture them on a national level. Even with their Rockstar internal video crew – there are just not enough resources to film franchisees and pay travel fees, hotels, etc. They also wanted customer facing videos.
  • What We Did: Our VIP Subscription Model allowed us to travel to 6+ different cities and film the franchisee in the morning and a customer in the afternoon – making all departments happy! We did the scheduling, prepping, filming and editing in just 10 days and didn’t charge any travel fees!
  • The Result: Propelled Brands is receiving over 12 pieces of high quality, motivating content to drive fran dev sales and consumer sales. They also premiered our videos at the annual sales meeting, show them during the discovery days and use them to increase their leads!

“It felt so easy to work with you from the first call, and I wanted that for the whole process.”
Marie Eberwein

  • Who: OneLogin
  • Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas
  • Their Challenge: OneLogin needed to create a set of culture and recruitment videos to tell their story, humanize their brand and to stand out from the other software companies in San Francisco. They didn’t know who to turn to and didn’t want to manage the film day or micromanage a film team.
  • What We Did: We went out and created 3, 60-second recruitment videos highlighting leadership, happy employees and telling their story. We now create over 40 videos a year for them on our VIP National Subscription Model of their events, customers, staff and more. They love how we don’t charge travel fees and how we get videos back to them in just 5-10 days.
  • The Result: They have attracted more applicants and consistently drive more sales with our monthly marketing videos of their success stories.

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“Our ROI went through the roof.”
Mike Lohman, CEO/Founder of Cool It Rentals

  • Who: Go Mini’s
  • Locations: Phoenix, Dallas, Laguna Beach
  • Their Challenge: Go Mini’s needed help to create content to drive sales to the franchise and bring in more B2B customers.
  • What We Did: Mike hired FranchiseFilming to create a set of marketing videos highlighting the true success stories of his franchisees.
  • The Result: The videos drove significant sales and leads to his website, creating a 400x ROI on the video marketing investment!

“This makes filming more accessible, it makes the videos more accessible… the more videos, the better.”
Paige Huff, Channel Marketing Manager

  • Who: VTECH
  • Locations: Los Angeles, Dallas, Portland
  • Their Challenge: VTECH wanted consistent monthly content of their happy customers and products, but didn’t want to hire a new film crew in a new city every time. They also wanted high-quality content featuring their products, but didn’t have time or the knowledge to create them.
  • What We Did: They hired us to create 36 high quality marketing videos of their baby monitors, business phones, and of their happy customers. We do all of their U.S. National marketing videos, we don’t ever charge them travel fees, and we get videos back in just 5-10 days. We are also creating TV quality ads with actors and scripts to humanize the baby monitors.
  • The Result: The campaign has been driving leads and sales to their baby monitors and business phones, increasing engagement and sales.

“Working with you guys, I know I’m going to get the product I want.”
Ken Trovato

  • Who: Solink Enterprise
  • Locations: Los Angeles, New Orleans, & Bethesda, Maryland
  • Their Challenge: Solink wanted to capture 3 customers in 3 different states, but didn’t want to hire or deal with an unknown videographer in each state. They also didn’t want to script anything and didn’t want to wait months to get their videos.
  • What We Did: Solink hired FranchiseFilming and CorporateFilming to capture 3 customers: Jack In the Box, Chick-Fil-A and Felipe’s Taqueria about their success they have had with Solink. We scheduled the day and handled everything!
  • The Result: These videos are helping drive B2B sales and provides powerful social proof of what they can do to help brands save margin and stay safe!

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“A formula that really works.”
Chelsea Penzone, VP of Brand Management

  • Who: Strategic Franchising
  • Locations: San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Fullerton, & Brea, CA
  • Their Challenge: Strategic Franchising has five franchise brands, all with great franchisee success stories. But they are based in so many locations it’s impossible to capture all of them and have the quality be consistent. It just never seemed to align.
  • What We Did: FranchiseFilming to captured five franchise brands to drive franchise development. FranchiseFilming took care of all scheduling, interviewing, editing and producing, Chelsea just told us who to film and interview. We made it so easy!
  • The Result: Driving consistent and qualified franchise development leads for all five brands.

“It was a really great process that allowed us to focus on what we’re good at and let you focus on what you’re good at.”
Mike Halpern, CEO

  • Who: Franchise Freeway/Glory Days Grill
  • Locations: Virginia and Washington D.C.
  • Their Challenge: Glory Days Grill had no professional, inspiring video content to drive a prospect to take action. They wanted a video to capture a franchisees success story to put on their home page to drive leads. With over 4,000 franchise brands out there, they know they have to stand out.
  • What We Did: We came out to film a franchisee, Kat, in Washington DC to document her success story. She used to be homeless and now she is a successful franchise owner! We created an inspiring piece of content that is now live on their website helping them drive sales and leads.
  • The Result: Created an inspiring story video to attract and engage new franchise leads on their home page!

“I have nothing but great things to say!”
Larisa Sandu

  • Who: OneLogin
  • Locations: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin, and online virtual streaming
  • Their Challenge: OneLogin needed to wanted to get their customers on film, but they are based everywhere.
  • What We Did: They hired us to travel the nation and capture their customers on film with zero hassle, and no travel fees!
  • The Result: They now have high-quality and professional content to include in their email campaigns, send to ideal prospects, and provide social proof of their company.

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“I know nothing about video, and you took care of everything!”
Katy Feiling

  • Who: ScreenMobile
  • Locations: Simi Valley, CA
  • Their Challenge: ScreenMobile wanted to do their first ever professional brand video, and they wanted to tell a story in a TV style ad. They didn’t have time to write the script, find the actors, make the schedule or handle any of it.
  • What We Did: They hired FranchiseFilming to do all of that! We took care of the scriptwriting, concept, finding the actors, location day and more.
  • The Result: We created a 60-second TV style actor piece that is living on their website driving consistent leads and sales.

“The team is just awesome… They go the extra mile, and we appreciate that.”
Victoria Reeves

  • Who: Go Mini’s
  • Locations: Phoenix, Dallas, Laguna Beach
  • Their Challenge: Had no idea where to turn or what to look for when hiring a video company for the first time.
  • What We Did: They hired FranchiseFilming to film their franchisee conference and capture testimonials in Phoenix to drive franchise development sales.
  • The Result: The videos delivered qualified leads and more brand growth!

“We were able to put together an event that has a higher quality to it…”
Kanoe Flores, Senior Events Coordinator

  • Who: Global Genes
  • Locations: San Diego, Long Beach, Dallas
  • Their Challenge: Global Genes wanted to livestream their virtual event in a professional manner. And they didn’t know where to turn or want to spend the 100’s of hours figuring it out themselves.
  • What We Did: We were hired to take over and put on the livestream! We helped them create graphics, fine tune the scripts and handled all the logistics and operations to make it happen. We brought in our professional livestream crew to help virtually put this event on while everyone was in the safety of their own home!
  • The Result: Helped them live stream to over 3,000 live attendees and on demand viewers, boosting brand awareness and donations!

“We just received confirmation that we signed a six-figure contract with a new client. Guess how they found us? The video FranchiseFilming made for us that helped us tell our story. What an ROI!

~ Vaughn Sigmon, RDL Training

“FranchiseFilming has been and continues to be an integral part of our Go Mini’s operation. Their videos have increased location visibility, which directly leads to an increase in leads and notoriety on a local AND national level.

~ Ryan Alphonso, Go Minis Corporate Franchise Development

“I thought I’d have to be involved a lot more. You all have been wonderful….You all are so passionate about what you do….you make it so easy and flexible. From our first call, I was sold because it was so easy to work with you.

~ Marie Eberwein, Art Direction & Marketing, One Login

“The end result was a cost-effective, polished piece that chronicles the journey of a long-time employee from host to franchise owner. The pre-filming, shoot and post-production were handled in an easy and professional manner. I would recommend FranchiseFilming to any Franchisor looking to tell their story through video and grow their brand.”

~ Mike Halpern, Franchise Freeway & Glory Days Grill

“If you need a team that is versatile and flexible and knows how to just get it done, that’s FrachiseFilming. You all handled everything at the last second, created a beautiful overnight edit for us and filmed for 5 days with beautiful photos and video. We will definitely use you again.”

~ Anne Haas, Director Communications, EPRI

“The video looks great, the CEO and I were very impressed! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time! We’d love to make more videos from the footage you created!”

~ Kristen Altamure, Director of Digital Marketing Operations, Marketing Evolution

“We got over 4 million views on our set of TV ads we had them do. They found the actors, wrote the script, and handled everything. Highly recommended to grow your brand and your business.”

~ Shopkick Enterprises

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