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Content Buyer Funnel: 3 Takeaways From IFPG 2023

Our CEO, Trevor Rappleye, recently spoke at the IFPG Retreat 2023! Here’s what he had to say about his presentation at the event:

I am thrilled to share some pivotal insights from my recent speaking engagement at the IFPG Conference, which provided a remarkable opportunity for FranchiseFilming to provide knowledge to over 500 franchisors in attendance.

Here are the three most critical takeaways I discussed during my presentation, reinforced with powerful statistics that underscore the urgency of embracing video marketing.

Building a Robust Video Content Funnel:

Imagine your video marketing strategy as the foundation of a content funnel. This funnel guides your potential franchisees through a structured journey, allowing them to see the vision you’re painting for their future. However, it’s not just any journey; it’s one that leads them to the profound understanding that your franchise opportunity is their path to success.

“According to FranchiseIQ, a staggering 87% of prospective franchisees yearn for more validation videos.”

This statistic cannot be overlooked. If you don’t act on this, you risk missing out on a massive opportunity. Validation videos are the lifeblood of trust-building in franchising. They provide real stories, testimonials, and proof of success that can make the difference between a lead turning into a franchisee or walking away.

This isn’t just a best practice; it’s a necessity. Neglecting validation videos means potential franchisees may question your credibility and opt for a competitor with a more robust video marketing strategy. Remember, every lost lead is an opportunity your franchise may never recover.


When you fail to act on this demand for validation videos, you risk leaving potential franchisees in the dark. The consequences are significant – they may question the authenticity and viability of your franchise opportunity, ultimately looking elsewhere for a more transparent and validated option.

Validation is a cornerstone of trust in franchising. It’s the moment when your prospective franchisee gets the reassurance they need to make a life-altering decision. Your current franchisees are your most powerful advocates, and their experiences and success stories can be the ultimate persuasive tool in your arsenal.



Evoke Emotion in Your Franchise Videos:

“The power of emotion in sales cannot be overstated. According to a Harvard study, a staggering 95% of purchasing decisions are driven by emotions, not logic. This fact should serve as a wake-up call for franchise marketers.”

Emotion humanizes your brand and pulls on the heartstrings of your audience. It connects your audience to the very essence of your franchise, making it more than just a business opportunity – it becomes a dream, a life-changing journey, and a path to a brighter future. When you ignore the emotional aspect of video marketing, you are not just missing an opportunity; you are failing to make your brand relatable and endearing to your potential franchisees.

When you disregard the emotional component, you are essentially operating in a logic-driven world while your potential franchisees are navigating a decision-making process guided by their feelings and desires. The result? Lost opportunities, as you fail to resonate with your audience, driving them into the arms of competitors who have mastered the art of emotional storytelling.

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