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5 Reasons All Franchise Brokers Should Have Promotional Video
July 20, 2020

Summary: The most successful franchise brokers use promotional videos to make themselves stand out from the rest of the over 1,500 brokers out there. Although it can be tempting to think that video marketing doesn’t belong in your profession, it’s time to throw that mentality right out the window.

The truth is that in today’s digital world, everybody can benefit from having high-quality video content to their name. We’ve gathered five reasons why you should contact FranchisFilming today to see the franchise success you deserve.

Although this list could be much longer, we wanted to highlight the biggest benefits of using video to market yourself as a franchise broker. Let’s get started!

1: Separate Yourself From the Pack

In business, if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward. Doing things in the same old way simply means you’ll be left behind. 60% of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers are using videos: don’t be in the 40% that aren’t.

By adding video to your marketing strategy, not only do you distinguish yourself from other brokers in the field, but you also make a stronger impression on your potential clients. With over 1,500 brokers in the United States alone, you need to use all the methods at your disposal to get ahead.

What Videos Should You Make?

So how do you separate yourself from the rest with videos? How do you maximize the benefits of video marketing?

For starters, create an introductory sales video. This lets people know who you are and what you can offer. From there, look to create videos with your previous clients that highlight their success. Remember, their results are your results, so shine a light on them with video.

When done correctly, all the benefits we’re about to mention will follow.

2: Create a Personal Connection

One of the biggest benefits of video is that it creates a personal connection between you and the viewer. Prospective clients can now put a face to your name. In addition, video allows you to show off your personality and interests.

Make a video in your office or home setting. When clients meet you in person for the first time, they’ll feel like they already know you a little. Your video makes for an excellent icebreaker when you have your first meeting, and it will definitely warm up the relations right from the start.

3: Show Off Your Results

If you’ve successfully helped someone get into the franchise game, then you need to highlight that story. Sit down and interview one of your clients and let the rest of the world see what you can do for them. This can inspire others to follow suit.

Use a promotional video of the franchise that you represent, as well. Franchise brokers have to also demonstrate how successful the franchise is in order to convince people to join. You can use material made by the franchise, but you should complement that with your own ideas as well.  What is it about the franchise you represent that you most appreciate?

4: Reach More People

Did you know that 92% of people share videos with others? Video is easily shared with a couple of taps on the phone or a few clicks of a mouse. Compare that to having to write out a lengthy message or leaving a voice note explaining what you saw.

If you’ve been strictly using text online to market yourself, you’re missing out on valuable shares. Realize that even though people can share articles, the recipient doesn’t always open them to find the most pertinent information. Videos, on the other hand, are quickly viewed after they’ve been shared.

Search Engine Bonus

Adding video to your website will also help it be found by search engines. You can upload your video to Youtube and add your website’s link in the description. This makes your website more legitimate and will move it up in the ranks.

5: Build Trust and Confidence

The decision to open a franchise is a major one. Franchise brokers have to gain clients’ trust and raise their confidence so that they can pull the trigger and make this crucial decision. Your promotional video can accomplish exactly that.

Address common concerns in an FAQ video, or dispel some of the myths surrounding the franchise you represent. Put your clients’ minds at ease with a well-made video.

Get Started With Video Marketing Today

If you haven’t made a video before, or your content is outdated, what can you do? Making high-quality content requires knowledge of the market, editing skills, and equipment that can get the job done.

If you want to market yourself in the best way possible, then call FranchiseFilming today. Our team will help you to draft up an amazing script and turn it into reality, all in as little as a couple of weeks. Don’t be left behind: start your video marketing plan now!

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