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4 Reasons Why Every Franchisor Needs to Use Video Marketing
July 20, 2020

Summary: Remember “Video Killed the Radio Star?” Since that song’s release in 1979, video has been on a rampage. With every major social media platform now supporting video, it’s no wonder that every second, 17,000 hours of video content will pass through cables and airwaves online. If you’re a franchisor, you need to leverage video marketing to get the best results, and that can happen when you get in touch with FranchiseFilming.

If you think that videos are only for Silicon Valley or massive franchises, think again! It doesn’t matter whether your franchise is in its infancy or has become a global juggernaut. Regardless of your industry, you can benefit from adding video to your marketing plans.

1: Inspire Future Franchisees With Your Videos

The decision to open a franchise is a big one. As the owner of the brand, you want people to dream of opening another of your businesses. Well-crafted videos are a surefire way to whet future franchisees’ appetites for your business.

A good marketing plan shows franchisees that you, the franchisor, are committed to their success. Your videos can show off the finest aspects of your franchise. All the text in the world won’t have the same impact that even a one-minute video can.

2: Boost Customer Confidence (and Sales) With Video

A franchise can only succeed where it has customers. High-quality videos raise consumer confidence and encourage them to make a move. In fact, 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded videos! At Corporate Filming, our videos helped the Go Mini’s franchise alone sell four more franchisees; for a 400,000k ROI!

Weaving your advertisement into an influencer’s channel is actually less effective than just outright branding your content. The truth is that customers like to know exactly who is producing their content. So don’t be shy: show off your brand! Let customers know that they can trust your franchise through effective visual marketing.

3: Engage Employees With Videos

Although you need great managers at every franchise, you can influence how all the employees feel about their work at your company. Simply creating videos featuring franchise employees is enough to motivate everyone to give their best. Once you set a standard through your videos, employees will strive to uphold that standard.

Solicit ideas from your employees and see who would like to be a part of your videos. If your franchise has several locations, try to incorporate multiple ones in a single video to have maximum impact on your workers.

Engage Future Employees Too

You can lure in top talent with a good video strategy. Most businesses use ancient recruiting methods that give potential employees very little information about what to expect from their new job. Aside from a bland job description, the rest is a mystery.

All this does is lead to interviews with people who may not really want to be there. Pretty soon, your managers are hiring people who leave after just a few months because it wasn’t the right fit for them. You’re wasting time and losing money.

Instead, make recruitment videos! Show off your franchise’s values and what a day in the life of a worker looks like. You’ll get more committed people at job interviews, and your franchisees will thank you.

4: Build a Community With Video

You’re probably already using social media to build a community and engage everyone connected to your franchise. But are you using video to achieve that goal? Over half a billion people watch videos on Facebook alone every day!

Even Twitter, the platform you would assume is mostly text-based, actually notes that 82% of its users also watch video content!  It doesn’t always matter where you publish your videos: what matters is that you actually publish video.

Let Your Community Work for You

Video is easy to share and pass around. Since more and more of our web activity happens on mobile devices, you have to consider how easy your content is to distribute. Videos can be shared with a simple tap or two.

Text, on the other hand, requires selecting a section, copying and pasting it into a messaging app, and then sending it. Even if all you do is share a link to the article, the recipient needs to scan and find the content you want them to see. When it comes to getting your community to talk about your franchise, video is clearly king.

Grow as a Franchisor With Video Marketing

Don’t know where to start? Get in touch with FranchiseFilming today. We can work anywhere, any time, and will get your video done in two weeks or less. Visit our website or call us today and prepare to be amazed.

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4 Reasons Why Every Franchisor Needs to Use Video Marketing
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