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4 Reasons Recruitment Videos Help You Find Employees

CareerBuilder found that applications for jobs with videos have a 34% higher chance. To put it another way, adding a video to your job application will attract more applicants to your job.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Franchise Recruitment videos and brand recruitment videos come in many different forms and do everything from introducing your company to employees, teach them about the benefits of working for you or even highlight key members. They drive leads to your business, which is why more companies are starting to use them. A great recruitment video can help you find more employees by drawing attention and increasing engagement with potential candidates. Here’s how:

At the end of every year, companies are left with a lot of empty positions that need to be filled. This is an extremely difficult task for many organizations because it’s hard to find qualified applicants in the current market. However, recruitment videos can help!

Here are 4 reasons why you should use them when recruiting new employees:

1) Recruitment videos give potential candidates insight into your company culture.

When it comes to recruiting, culture is one of the most important aspects that potential employees need to know about. If they don’t believe in the company culture, they won’t be interested in working there.
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2) They allow you to highlight what makes your company unique and different from other employers in your industry.

If your company is able to stand out in this way, it will help you attract more applicants. Recruitment videos give potential employees an opportunity to see if the position they are applying for fits with their personal goals and values.
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3) These videos will show off what kind of work environment you offer – including any perks or benefits that people might not expect!

For example, a company might offer flexible hours if an employee needs to take care of their children or attend school. This will help attract candidates who are looking for part-time work as well as those with other obligations. Or, perhaps a company enjoys having fun and dances in parking lots…like ours!
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4) You can showcase who you want to hire through these videos, which helps you attract the right employees.

Show your compelling company – people want to work for a happy brand! Recruitment videos allow you to show potential employees exactly who they can become if they work for your business.

With video marketing driving sales, it will also drive applicants wanting to work for you. It’s a win-win. Isn’t it time for your brand to finally have inspiring recruitment videos?

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Founded by serial entrepreneur Trevor Rappleye, Franchise Filming is a leading, full-service video production provider that helps franchisors and suppliers across the country drive leads and win more clients with monthly videos via a VIP membership model. The Franchise Filming membership provides a world-class customer service experience with professional videos every month that will drive sales without corporate video production hassles – no travel costs or extra fees, with final videos completed in just five to ten days. Whether companies are seeking to raise awareness or drive more sales, Franchise Filming provides a creative, high-quality solution by creating memorable and engaging videos that inspire people to take action and drive sales.

Complimentary Growth Strategy Call

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your company’s growth strategy through video! We’ll bring the coffee….over Zoom!


Complimentary Growth Strategy Call

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your company’s growth strategy through video! We’ll bring the coffee….over Zoom!

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