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10 Ways Franchise Suppliers Can Benefit From the Power of Marketing Video
July 20, 2020

Summary: Every franchise supplier can benefit from using promotional videos, regardless of the industry they serve. We know it might not seem like something a supplier needs to focus on, but once you have a look at all the benefits you can get from using promotional filming, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner! Get in touch with us today at FranchiseFilming and get a leg up on your competition.


1: Get More Clients

The number one goal for every supplier should be to provide good service to as many businesses as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of having all your eggs in one basket. Use marketing videos to show just what you can provide to a large business.

59% of executives say that when given a choice between viewing text or video, they are more likely to choose video. Those are the people who could be hiring you, so give them what they want.

2: Recruit Better Talent

To provide the best service, you need the best people. A powerful promotional clip showing how your work impacts other businesses can inspire people to work for you. Help people see the bigger picture and how they form part of a larger operation.

This makes potential employees value their work more, and you are likely to get better results from them. More talented individuals will take your openings more seriously as well.

3: Prove Your Experience

You should absolutely be showing off how your products are used in other company’s operations. Prove to potential clients that you can deliver. Let them see your successes. Otherwise, how do they know they can trust you?

4: Distinguish Yourself From Other Suppliers

Set yourself apart from the other suppliers out there who aren’t using video. You’re more likely to be chosen simply because four times as many customers would rather learn about a product or service through a video than read about it.

5: Expand Your Reach

Video can be shared easily and extend your reach far beyond your local community. Open yourself up to the potential for clients overseas or outside of your typical area of operations.

6: Find More Suppliers

Even suppliers need suppliers! Whether it’s the fabric for the uniforms you make or the paper to print materials for your biggest client, you should be trying to get the best deals. By posting videos, you make it easier for suppliers to find you and compete for your dollars.

7: Strengthen Existing Relationships

Making a video with your clients improves the camaraderie between your businesses. It reminds them that you’re an essential part of their operations and thus strengthens your bonds. Besides: you’ll have a lot of fun working on the video together.

Shared experiences create lasting relationships. Talk to your clients about making a promo video together. As an added bonus, you can share the costs and make your video even more effective.

8: Communicate New Information

Adding video to your website is a great way to engage viewers. People spend an average of 2.6x more time on a page that has video content, so when you have an important announcement, add a video to it and get people spending!

This is a great strategy when you’re relocating or opening a new facility. The same is true for launching new products or services. Present your new information with a bang, not a whimper. Video will make sure people get the message.

9: Stand Out at Trade Shows

Lots of businesses see trade shows as a necessary evil, and few truly take advantage of their potential. The fact is that at a trade show, you have hundreds of people strolling around the stalls, yet so many of those stalls look the same.

Rig up a TV to a computer and feed it a loop of your best video content. You will see people who normally walk like zombies down the aisles come to a full stop and gape at your screen. Capture their attention and then capture their business.

10: Avoid Being Left Behind

Always remember that if you aren’t moving forwards, you’re moving backward. Promotional video has never been more accessible or so easy to distribute. Gone are the days of expensive TV commercials: now anyone can use video to grow.

If you aren’t using promotional video as a franchise supplier, one of your competitors probably is. Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the curve.

How to Create Meaningful Promotional Video as a Franchise Supplier

If you aren’t sure how to make the best video content possible for your business, have no fear. Reach out to the experts at FranchiseFilming today and talk to us about how to get started. We can get a team out to any location and produce as much content as you need in as little as two weeks. You won’t regret making the call.

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