Franchise-Focused Videos that Drive Franchise Development, Attract a World-Class Staff, and Build Your Brand

Your National VIP membership gives you a set of inspiring & professional videos annually in just 10 days with no travel fees and zero hassle.

"The FranchiseFilming videos have been something every candidate has referenced and your videos have no doubt helped us close more sales - I highly recommend you all!"

Mark Jameson Propelled Brands

No Travel Fees

Videos in 5-10 Days

All Logistics Handled

Do you feel like you are missing opportunities, losing ideal job candidates, and wasting time trying to produce videos?


Are your ideal franchise prospects ignoring you?


Does video production take too much time?


Are you lacking video content altogether?


Do video team travel fees & charges annoy you?


Are your testimonial videos boring & weak?


Is your employee recruitment lackluster?

Relax, we’ve got this.

franchise filming quick video production

You deserve videos that get watched, engage your customers, employees, and job recruits while leaving you stress-free. With your VIP Membership, you get:

  • A dedicated and professional video production team with full bilingual support.
  • National production capabilities with no travel fees allowing you to bring the viewer directly into the story you want to share.
  • Consistent, “Hollywood-style” quality videos in 10 days or less.
  • A custom video production plan to fit your needs – go ahead, mix and match video types.

Most importantly, you get time back on your calendar, and a lot of it. On average we save our clients 73 working days per project!

“Each project saves my internal marketing team over 600 hours of internal resources.”

“FranchiseFilming has been a great partner to our 20+ brands filming national content for us of franchisees, customers, staff, and even training videos. Each project they take on saves my internal marketing team and videographers over 600 hours of internal resources. No more waiting months for videos and getting hit with hidden travel fees. I highly recommend them.”

~ Scott Binger Creative Director, Neighborly

“… worth millions.”

“Over the past year we’ve seen three times as many leads since having your videos on our website. To us, that is worth millions.”

~ Heath Falzarano, President – Naturals2Go

Grow your brand & franchise with monthly videos and our VIP Membership.

We produce monthly videos featuring authentic & emotional stories of your brand experience, anywhere & on autopilot.


We help you craft a powerful video plan utilizing these top performing and high converting video styles:


Customer Testimonials & Case Studies


Franchise Development Videos


Recruitment Videos


Officer & Staff Interviews


Over The Top (OTT) Videos for Streaming Platforms


TV-Style Ads with Actors


Training Videos


Event & Conference Videos


Franchisee Success Stories


And More!

“Our franchise leads have exploded since we started using FranchiseFilming…and our time to close was cut in half based on the content we provide to candidates at every step of the process.”
~ Jon Sica, Chief Development Officer at Batteries Plus Bulbs

“They traveled to four different cities and created twenty real customer testimonial videos in just 4 months – and handled everything. They just made it so easy. Now we have content for most of the services we offer.”
~ Eric Hauser, Brand Manager at Mosquito Joe (Neighborly)

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“It was exactly what I wanted. I was so happy! You all knocked it out of the park and you helped us drive more leads and award more locations with our franchisee success videos & discovery day videos. So happy we chose you.”
~ Joe Malmuth, Vice President of Franchise Development and Franchise Relations at Batteries Plus Bulbs

“Working with nine distinct brands…is hard. It helped me a ton for them to help with the logistics. They filmed in three different cities for me with zero hassle. Whatever your vision is, they can achieve that story.
~ Taylor Gregory, Director of Marketing at United Franchise Group

If You are a Franchisor, Supplier, or Broker, We Help You Save Time, Close More Sales, & Grow Your Brand.

Just tell us where to go and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Consistency & Transparency – Ongoing videos, completely hassle free from a professional team that specializes in franchise-focused videos.
  • Save Time – We handle everything. One purchase order annually saves you up to 559 hours per project.
  • Save Budget – No travel fees, ever. Just tell us where to go and when – and within 10 days, your videos are done.

We will eliminate your video headaches! More about Who We Help here. Got questions? Answers here!

“This is the first year we have done a formal franchise development program, including video assets. Even throughout COVID, our pipeline has remained strong, and much of that is contributed to the work that FranchiseFilming has done for us.”
~ Chris Walls, CEO of Go Mini’s

Close more sales with Franchise Filming video production services

Video helps convert leads by 300% when placed on your website. 90% of people say social proof helps them in a buying decision. Customer video testimonials placed alongside more expensive items increased conversion rates 380%!

It is as Easy as 1, 2, and Done – Month After Month

We help you uncover the stories about how awesome your brand is… Then we make professional videos to tell those stories.

1. Schedule a Call

You are one conversation away from videos that tell the ecstatic stories of your successful franchisees and your passionate employees, share clear and engaging training, or sell your opportunity.

2. Precise Production Plan

Using your content, marketing, and video goals we help you craft an ideal video production plan tapping into our most powerful video types. Then, you tell us where to go and we get right to work.

3. Stand Out

Feel confident and excited, because in just 10 days your first video will be ready allowing you to stand out from the competition, attract ideal job candidates, and award more franchisees.

Whether your goal is to raise awareness & drive more sales, hiring & train, or create quality content, with your VIP subscription you get monthly videos that will help you accomplish the thing that really matters: growing your business.

Since using FranchiseFilming, we’ve seen a significant jump in the lead flow and the return of those leads. We’ve seen triple the amount of people at our discovery days.
~ Luke Schulte – Executive Director of Franchise Development at Handyman Connection

We Aim to Deliver the Best Franchise Videos Possible

We know you want to quickly and easily create compelling, professionally produced videos, instead of getting stuck trying to micro-manage a team putting out inconsistent work you are unwilling to even show.

To do that, you need to find an experienced film crew that shares the storyline of your brand in a clear, captivating message. The problem is good video teams are hard to come by, and great videos take a lot of work, but you need to get this done.

The pressure is on, but you are not sure how to best automate or outsource, and you are left wasting time. The stress of throwing money away on disappointing video projects is almost enough to get you to book a flight to Maui and get away from it all.

We believe it does not have to be so complicated.

You deserve videos that engage your audience and leave you stress-free. We understand how you feel and know it is difficult to empower people with videos that compel them to act. But lucky for you, that is what we love to do!

Schedule your demo today to avoid wasting time and sleepless nights and get back to doing what you love the most in your job, feeling energized and eagerly anticipating your next video only ten days from now.

Your new video and film series starts with your complimentary 30-minute demonstration call.

On this call we will:
  • Talk about your needs.
  • Strategize an ideal plan.
  • Share examples of our work.
  • Tell you about our pricing.
  • Answer any other questions!

Have a question?

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